Dr. Ioannis Michos


Assistant Professor (Computer Science & Engineering)


Computer Science and Engineering



Personal profile:

Dr. Ioannis Michos received his BSc degree in Mathematics with 1st class honours from the University of Ioannina. He completed his MSc and PhD in Pure Mathematics (Algebra) at the University of Manchester in England. His PhD thesis was the first one describing the action of finite groups on free Lie algebras over a field of positive characteristic. He is currently employed as an Assistant Professor in Computer Science & Engineering in European University Cyprus.

Dr. Michos research work lies in the interplay between Algebra, Discrete Mathematics and their applications mainly to Theoretical Computer Science. He is focused on free Lie algebras, combinatorics on words, algebraic graph theory and their connections with the theory of formal languages and automata. He is particularly keen on putting a new framework and perspective on some originally difficult problems, combining knowledge from a-priori diverse research fields. In the paper “On the average parallelism in trace monoids” in Lecture Notes in Computer Science - that was presented at STACS 2002 - he was able to exploit several tools from algebraic graph theory for a better understanding of the relation between the sequential and the parallel execution time in a concurrent system. In his recent work on certain heavy combinatorial problems on free Lie algebras, posed by Schutzenberger in the 60’s, he has exploited old and new results in shuffle algebras and was able to solvesome of the original problems. He is also interested in connections of combinatorics on words with bioinformatics and of Hopf algebras with physics and complex systems.


1994-1998   PhD in Pure Mathematics (Algebra)

Department of Mathematics, University of Manchester, UK

1992-1994  MSc in Pure Mathematics (Algebra)

Department of Mathematics, University of Manchester, UK

1987-1991  BSc in Mathematics (Pass with 1st class honours)

Department of Mathematics, University of Ioannina, Greece

Funded Projects:

1999-2001 5th European Training and Mobility of Researchers (Post-doctoral Researcher) ALAPEDES: ALgebraic Approach to Performance  

                  Evaluation of Discrete Event Systems; con. Ref. no.: ERB-FMRX-CT-96-0074, The Automata and Applications research team, 

                  Laboratoire d’ Informatique Algorithmique: Fondements et Applications, The Automata and Applications ReUniversity of Paris 7, France.



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