Andreas Grondoudis


 Assistant Professor Computer Science


 Computer Science and Engineering




 Andreas Grondoudis has a strong software development background with experience in bespoke software solution implementations using industry standard technologies and tools. Before coming to Cyprus he worked as a senior developer for an IT company in Sheffield, UK. His original research work was based on a formalism known as x-machines. In addition to software engineering; his interests and area(s) of knowledge span from system specification, programming and database design to communications, networking and networking security to formal description techniques, formal methods and their utilization for the development process of communication network protocols. Recent collaborations at European University Cyprus incorporate High Altitude Platforms, Wireless sensor networks, Disaster monitoring and relief.test




PhD in Computer Science

Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield, UK



MSc (Eng) in Telematics

Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield, UK



BSc in Computer Engineering

School of Information Systems, University of East Anglia, UK



Certificate of Studies, Transcript

 Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS), Thessaloniki, Greece


 Certificate of Studies

 Apolytyrion, 20th High-school of Thessaloniki, Greece

Funded Projects


Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation: A digital entrepreneurial framework for the promotion of ecological and cultural tourism services in Cyprus. Managed and implemented the development of an online information lookup module.


Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation: Development of Research Infrastructure, Quality Assurance Protocols and Analysis Techniques for Diagnostic Radiological Imaging Equipment. Managed and implemented the development of a bespoke piece of software.


Daimler-Benz Laboratories, Berlin, Germany: Specification of a two-button press system. Using X-machines for the specification of a safety-critical system. PhD fees scholarship.


Journal Articles

  1. Constantinou, C., Grondoudis, A., Christoforou, A. Constantinides, C., Lanitis, A., ‘A semi-automated quality assurance toolbox for diagnostic imaging’, Int. J. Biomedical Engineering and Technology, Vol 14, No 2, pp 159-180, 2014
  2. Grondoudis,  A., Holcombe, M., Papanikolaou, K., ‘Protocol specification using x-machines’, Journal of Business and Society, vol 18, 2005

Conference and Workshop Proceedings

  1. Katzis, K., Grondoudis, A., Boustras, G., Papazoglou, P., “Forest Fires: Proactive and Reactive Surveillance employing in-situ, aerial and space technology”, First International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geo-information of Environment, Paphos, Cyprus, April 2013
  2. Katzis, K., Grondoudis, A., "Disaster monitoring and disaster relief using High Altitude Platforms", 1st International Conference in Safety and Crisis Management in the Construction, Tourism and SME Sectors, Nicosia, Cyprus, June 2011
  3. Constantinou, C., Grondoudis, A., Christoforou, A., Constantinides, C., Lanitis, A., “A semi-automated quality assurance toolbox for diagnostic Radiological Imaging,  8th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, 2006
  4. Holcombe, M., Ipate, F., Grondoudis, A. “Complete functional testing of safety critical systems”, Proc. IFAC Workshop on Emerging Control Technologies. Florida, 1995. pp 343-358.
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