EUC Colloquium on Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering

The EUC Colloquium on Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering  was established in November 2011 and is organized by the Department of Computer Science of the European University Cyprus. The purpose of Colloquium is to provide a forum to our colleagues, our current and potentially future collaborators as well as known scientists to meet, present research findings, and discuss developments on a variety of topics spanning all important fields of Computer Science and Engineering. It also aims to provide an environment in which graduate students can gain experience in presenting their work, and benefit from contact with established researchers. The scope of the colloquium includes all aspects of Computer science, including Networks, Software Engineering, Databases, Algorithms, Theoretical Computer Science, Human Computer Interaction, High Performance Computing, and Operational Research, as well as aspects of Mathematics and Engineering.

If you are interested in giving at talk at the Colloquium, please contact the coordinator Dr. Vicky Papadopoulou by filling out the Colloquium Form.

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 Josephina Antoniou


 Friday, April 8th 2016


11:30 - 14:20




Understanding what makes mobile users happy, i.e. which service/technology features are better received, is something that every content/service/application provider needs in order to both keep existing customers and attract new ones. However, user experience can be highly subjective, and thus difficult to quantify, especially with the diverse user base of the Internet. With more than 2 billion mobile devices in use today, understanding the user’s mobile experience is becoming increasingly important for the provider. On the one hand, according to current research, the means for online services or content delivery to be improved should include an accurate characterization of the user’s experience in terms satisfaction or acceptability, i.e. a quantification of QoE. On the other hand, the more generic such a measure attempts to be, the more complex it becomes. We present a new mobile service, which is deployed in order to collect user context that will contribute towards an accurate characterization of QoE, is designed in a way so that insights from the user are gathered automatically in a live real-world environment without the need of surveys and time-consuming questionnaires. The proposed approach is unique in that it is built in such a way to take advantage of a novel fusion of data sources such as web metrics and context data in order to identify each user’s patterns and build an accurate quantification of the user’s experience, known as QoE, and especially, Web QoE. The presentation will present the design and development of a mobile service which aims to help us understand which attributes affect the experience of end-users of mobile devices accessing the web, identify how the experience can be measured in real-world scenarios and discover how the experience can be improved for better customer satisfaction, by fusing user environmental context data together with device metrics, network metrics, user demographics and web browsing metrics to produce a novel quantifiable characterization of Web QoE for mobile users.

Short CV

 Josephina is a Lecturer in Computing and the Course Leader of the MSc Computing course at UCLan Cyprus, School of Sciences. Josephina is also the Chair of the ACM-W (Association for Computing Machinery Women) Cyprus chapter since 2014. She has received her PhD in Computer Science from the Department of Computer Science of the University of Cyprus in 2010, her MSc in Advanced Computer Technologies also from the University of Cyprus in 2004, and she holds a BA in Computer Science and Mathematics from Wartburg College, IA, USA, received in 2002. She has participated as the leader of tasks and WPs in completed FP6/FP7 projects such as SEACORN, B-BONE, C-MOBILE, C-CAST (2002-2010), while she is currently involved in FP7 RESPONSIBLE INDUSTRY (2015-) and H2020 COMPASS (2016-). She has also been involved in COST IC1004: Cooperative Radio Communications for Green Smart Environments (2011-2015) and in FP7-PEOPLE Marie Curie – International Reintegration Grant: 3D-UNDERWORLD: Rapid Scanning and Automatic 3D Reconstruction of Underwater Sites (2011-2012). She is the author of a book on Game Theory in Communication Networks, as well as the author of numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. Her research interests, fall within the area of Communication Networks; specifically strategic modelling with the use of tools such as Game Theory, as well as quantification of user experience with the use of technological structures such as Cloud Computing, and context awareness when considering automated/adaptable environments.

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