Research laboratory of European University Cyprus achieves Google funding

A team of researchers from the ICT-Enhanced Education (ICTEE) laboratory of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering in European University Cyprus has recently received direct funding from Google for the implementation of educational development activities, as part of the company’s global CS4HS initiative.

Google’s CS4HS initiative is an annual grant program promoting computer science education worldwide. In particular, CS4HS supports colleges and universities in their efforts to provide professional development training for local high school and middle school teachers.

The laboratory team from ICTEE submitted a proposal for the design and implementation of Training of Trainers seminars that will introduce Cypriot high-school teachers to the use of robotic platforms, for the purpose of teaching programming principles to their students. The Lego EV3 robotic platform and the Moodle e-learning platform will be employed for this purpose. Despite the fact that “it was a highly competitive year for CS4HS proposals” (as indicated by Google), the team’s proposal was accepted for direct funding.

The ICTEE laboratory team is led by Mr. Pericles Cheng, and also includes Dr. George Christou and Dr. Konstantinos Katzis. The Director of the ICTEE laboratory is Dr. Maria Meletiou. The course has been created and put together by European University Students Ali Abdallah and Andreas Howes, who both worked during the summer holidays as interns for the university and created the course. The seminars will take place during the academic period 2014-2015.

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